Andrew D Jubelt – Partnership with Community Banks and Credits Unions

Andrew D. Jubelt –

The current credit crisis has been a test for banks of all sizes and many market players are outright paralyzed. To address this growing concern, Avant Capital Partners has recently launched its Private Label Origination (PLO) mortgage banking platform which, in partnership with Community Banks and Credit Unions, provides capital market expertise and service to help local depository institutions retain and acquire high net worth depositors.

In the current credit environment, the Avant PLO mortgage banking platform adds value to depository institutions in three ways:

1. Retention of deposits: As balance sheet lending availability narrows, it is important to be able to service your clients’ borrowing needs to prevent flight to competing banks that may still be lending (taking their deposits with them).
2. Additional income: Developing fee income for the bank/credit union.
3. Increasing Deposits: Becoming the local nexus for high end property investors will enable your institution to attract excellent long term customers and build deposits, especially since many of your competing banks are not lending.

Our lending platform levels the playing field between our community banking/credit union partners and competing nationwide money center and larger regional banks. The programs that we offer will put your institution in a position to maintain your most prized banking relationships and help establish new ones with high net worth depositors.