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Avant Capital Partners offers mortgages for stabilized commercial properties through the programs outlined below. For information about financing a commercial property that is not stabilized, or in transition.

Eligible property types include office buildings, retail properties, shopping centers, office & retail condominiums, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, single tenant properties, light industrial/warehouse properties, self-storage facilities, and owner-use properties.

Avant Capital Partners originates commercial mortgages nationwide under six programs:

Avant Commercial Premier Program
This program offers low fixed-rate pricing and loan terms up to 10 years for most commercial property types. Personal guarantees are not required and amortization periods of up to 30 years are available.

Avant Premier Life Program
This program offers the longest-term fixed rates and flexible underwriting for various commercial property types.

Avant Commercial FLEX Program
This program offers fixed-rate periods of up to 5 years and features flexible underwriting and competitive leverage.

Avant Commercial Syndication
This program offers competitive leverage and fixed rate periods of up to 10 years, with light or no prepayment penalties.

Avant Small Balance Premier Program
This program offers 5-year fixed rates and is available for various commercial property types up to $5 million. Personal guarantees are not required and amortization periods of up to 30 years are available.

Avant Small Business/Owner Occupied Program
This program offers long-term fixed-rate financing for owner-occupied or business properties, and features leverage of up to 90% LTV. Fixed rate periods of up to 10 years are available and all loans are fully-amortizing.

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Andrew Jubelt: Bio

Andrew D. Jubelt:

  • An experience developer
    • Owner of commercial real estate including more than 10,000 senior housing and multifamily units
    • Financing Experience: Includes over $1,000,000,000 of both debt and equity funding
    • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • Recently signed on as a Principal at Avant Capital Partners
  • Education Experience
    • Bachelors of Arts degree from Upsala College
    • Guest lecturer at professional and educational institutions
  • In his free time, Andy Jubelt has photography as his main hobby. We will feature some of his photography here from time to time.

We welcome you to visit this site as frequently as possible. We will feature more information including everything from photography to financial press releases that relate to Andrew Jubelt.