Andy Julbelt and Avant Capital Partners Help Attorneys Obtain the Funding Needed By Their Real Estate Clients

Andrew Jubelt is a principal at AVANT Capital Partners, bringing his 25 years of broad based commercial real estate experience to the process of acquisition financing and recapitalization of under-water projects to this a real estate advisory firm and lender. As an experienced developer, owner and operator of including more than 10,000 multifamily and senior housing units, Mr. Julbelt possesses financing experience which includes over $1,000,000,000 of both debt and equity funding from a variety of sources including traditional and private sources.

Andrew Julbelt and the professionals at Avant Capital Partners offer a broad range of loan programs that can provide clients with the commercial real estate funding they need. We also arrange equity co-investments for acquisitions and recapitalizations that can:

  • Stem foreclosures through refinance
  • Arrange replacement equity
  • Payoff mortgages with discounted balances
  • Complete distressed/broken projects

Further, Mr. Julbelt can assist partner attorneys to retain clients by ensuring that their clients see them as a central source of advisory services, while also enabling them to generate additional business through commercial real estate loan closings. As an added benefit, our attorney partners also earn additional fee income as a referral source from Avant!

General loan program guidelines and terms:

  • Loans from $1 million – $50 million
  • Investment Property types include multifamily, industrial, office, retail & hospitality
  • Owner Occupied real estate of all types are considered
  • Interest rates starting at 5.25% and up
  • Floating interest rates starting at 4.25% and up
  • Low up-front costs

The principals of our firm, including Andy Jubelt, has completed debt & equity financings in excess of $5,000,000,000.

Contact Andrew Julbelt at or at (212) 231-9779 or more information about helping your clients recapitalize distressed assets and finance opportunistic acquisitions.